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Video – the golden child of Yellow Dog Creative. With a process nearly a decade in the making, we have honed the art of great storytelling through visual imagery. We do it through creativity, an extensive shotlist, and detailed planning in every shoot we schedule. Check out some examples of our work below, and a little insight into our process as well.

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When you work with YDC, you’ve got one of two options. The first option is a visit to your shop from our onsite team. They spend half their year flying around the country, gathering footage at shops from San Francisco to Boston and everywhere in between. They’ll schedule your three-day shoot down to the fifteen-minute increment to ensure they come away with as much footage as possible. Then, we fly back to Marquette and start making the best video creative your marketing has ever seen.


Marquette Offsite SHOOTS


Not interested in an onsite? That’s alright. We can tide you over with a shoot here at our headquarters in Marquette. We hire the talent, set up the homes and spend a day shooting all the customer interaction footage you could want. All you need to do is send us your company uniform and any other assets you have on hand so we can recreate your company here.

More About YDC


We started out as a home service company ourselves, one that needed much better creative when it came to advertising. A couple great ideas and a few short years later we branched off into Yellow Dog Creative, a company specifically created to raise the bar when it comes to marketing the trades. We believe in storytelling as the driver for marketing, and we've honed our craft to create unique, engaging and effective video creative for trades companies.


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