Video Services


Whether you’re looking for television commercials, spots for your social media pages, website, Youtube, or anything else you can think of, we’ve got you covered. We’re experts in visual marketing and we’ll be sure to make something you and your customers love.


Here’s how we do it...


Step 1

We talk with you about becoming a Partner Plus or Partner. Partner Plus availability is based on your designated market area. (Created by the Nielsen Company, DMAs are population-based geographic areas in which local television viewing is measured) If your DMA is available, you can secure it—and our vast library of custom commercials—with an annual fee, becoming a Partner Plus. If your DMA is not available, or you choose not to secure it, you’ll be a Partner. Either way, you’re about to get some killer commercials via an on-site visit or a unique, customized in-studio creation.


Step 2

We send a team of expert videographers to you for three days to capture every single shot we’ll need to make any commercial you’ll need—all of which are tailored specifically to your company. We’ll talk with your technicians, take testimonials from your customers, and get every shot we need to tell your story.

Step 3

We come on back to our home base of Marquette, Michigan (that’s in the Upper Peninsula for those of you who don’t know…) to create your initial commercials. Check out just how many you have to choose from! (Seriously guys, we’ve made thousands of these things)



~ OR ~


Step 2

Send us your company’s branding information (logo, uniforms, colors and all that fancy stuff).

Step 3

Take a look at our vast library of commercials and videos, all of which can be tailored to your company.  Choose one or two (or five, or ten …) videos you like best and we’ll get down to the business of customizing them to fit your company.

And then, after your choice of steps 2 and 3 above, it's on to the final leg...


Step 4

Our in-house media buyer will work with you to select a media package that works for your company and its advertising needs.

Step 5

Sit back and relax before your phone starts ringing off the hook (is that still a thing?). We’re sure, whether you need more calls or more technicians, you’ll see the effects of a stellar marketing campaign sooner than you think.